connect broadband service connection

connect broadband service connection

Connect Broadband Chandigarh Online

No company can have 100% satisfied customers. Here If we discuss about reviews of connect broadband services at chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula,, our general survey says that 95% people are fully satisfied with speed performance, customer support and connectivity. These 95% customers recommend Connect broadband WiFi connection every time, whenever any of friend in their circle asks about best WiFi broadband internet connection in chandigarh ,mohali & Panchkula. We collected data from our internet users, which says mostly people like to have Connect Broadband Service due to its reasonable or affordable tariff prices for high speed internet. Connect introduced to its subscribers with FTTH – Fiber To The Home internet service, which deliver super bandwidth of 100 Mbps to the customer end. Every customer has its own needs of speed and data. Connect offers a wide variety of Wired internet plans, so that its consumers can choose best plan suiting to their specific internet needs. These days, customers are attracted more towards Connect combo plans, which comes with additional features of unlimited calling to any network + Unlimited data consumption every month.

Connect broadband WiFi service has achieved ever highest hike in its sale at Chandigarh circle. We are thankful to residents of Chandigarh tricity for having faith in connect broadband services. Internet access is also a basic need for modern life such as Study, business, job, social life and many more fields are dependent on internet. Information sharing has now become easy with the help of internet. People want high speed broadband connection to fulfill their needs of downloading, uploading, streaming, surfing etc. Get your connect broadband connection for Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali to fulfill your requirement of high speed internet access. call us now, to know the latest tariff plans or to apply online for “connect broadband” wi-fi connection & services, on our given numbers. Please check our contact details from main menu at top of this page.

Latest broadband plans available for CONNECT internet users of chandigarh.

New tariff plans for internet subscribers of chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula has been launched by CONNECT broadband. Top 2 Most selling broadband tariffs at chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula, are : rental 799 with 100 GB data and rental 1299 with 400 GB data (with special benefit of 2 Mbps unlimited ). These broadband packages are from “CONNECT Broadband service”. CONNECT is fast, economic and data transfer speed is 8 Mbit/s. Broadband Customers always have some queries regarding the reliability and stability of the internet services. “CONNECT” has maintained the quality of its broadband service and customer support.Voice call is also available on ADSL connection as an additional service with attractive top-up packages of unlimited Local + national calling. With CONNECT internet Leased Line, PRI service fast internet accessibility is available.

Connect broadband is the best choice

Internet subscribers of Chandigarh are happy to see newly updated broadband plans of “CONNECT” network. Now it is more easy for you to choose the connect broadband connection, because we have low cost ultimate internet tariffs with high speed and almost 50% more data than other internet service provider brands of tricity,Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula.

Now low rental plans will provide you extra speed and extra data :

  • Rs. 799 = 100 GB up to 8 Mbps, unlimited data @ 2 Mbps
  • Rs. 999 = 200 GB @ 4 Mbps / 8 Mbps, unlimited data @ 2 Mbps
  • Rs. 1499 = 500 GB up to 8 Mbps, unlimited data @ 2 Mbps
  • Rs. 2499 = 1200 GB @ 4 Mbps / 8 Mbps, unlimited data @ 2 Mbps

The great deals of this season is here , high speed + extra data + low rental. Connect broadband is now extra beneficial for you. We ensure stable and continuous bandwidth with high speed internet data transmission (upload / download/ Streaming / surfing) . The management and marketing department of the company improved and optimized the cost of internet broadband service for individual and corporate users of Chandigarh, Mohali, panchkula, zirakpur and Kharar locations. Always have access to the online information via countless global Internet resources and have the ability to instantly receive and send your data fast and exchange information and communications with your business or friend circle. Start a comfortable broadband connection with Connect ! Call us and arrange a meeting with professional staff at your convenient arrival time at your convenient address.

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